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The emergence of the era of big data

With the rapid acceleration of digital technology and network technology, complex and large-scale data continues to increase with no signs of slowing down.
Furthermore, going forward the IoT (Internet of Things) is predicted to produce even more data.
Big things are expected in analytics to find and utilize value in this massive data.

Through big data analytics, new knowledge can be obtained which could not be obtained in the past.

By collecting and analyzing big data it is possible to obtain new information which could not be obtained from individual data.
Analyze and utilize a diverse array of data in combination. Repeating this process leads to the acquisition of knew knowledge and insight and decision-making and value creation in business.

We create "new value"
in all manner of scenarios through big data analytics

strives for value creation using big data analytics

In order to realize big data analytics, a variety of component technologies are necessary such as information analysis technology, distributed processing technology, and high-volume database technology.
At NTT DATA MSE we are engaged in technologies to realize big data analytics.


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