Indoor positioning technology is receiving attention as a means to know positions for navigation and 020 services, etc., inside buildings where GPS cannot be used.
One means of realizing indoor positioning is Bluetooth Low Energy (called "BLE" below).
At our company we have achieved indoor positioning utilizing BLE.

  • Overwhelming very-low power consumption
  • Standard installed on Android(4.3 and later), iPhone(4S and later)
  • Expensive exclusive machinery and large-scale installation construction are unnecessary

By receiving radio waves periodically sent from the BLE beacon (transmitter) with a smart phone (receiver), it is possible to know positions.
At our company, we are capable of flexible operation to meet area and number of targets whose positions the client wishes to measure.

When you want to know the location of people in a wide area

In these kinds of use cases, we place a BLE beacon within the area and identify people with smart phones.
It is also suitable when it is necessary to measure with accuracy down to short units of distance.

When you want to know the position of a large number of products

In these kinds of use cases, we place a smart phone in the area where the position is to be measured and identify the position of an article with a BLE beacon attached.
Additionally, it is suitable for when you want to know the movements of a large number of people.


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