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Proliferation of cloud computing

In recent years, cloud computing has been spreading explosively.
At companies, the trend of "cloud first", in which clouds are the first thing considered when considering new construction and updating of systems.
Through the proliferation of smart phones, etc., individual use of clouds is also advancing.
Cloud utilization will lead to the creation of new value such as new services and business expansion.

Cloud utilization will lead to a variety of advantages for companies and us.

The adoption of clouds is expected to reduce costs at companies, make systems more flexible, and enable measures against BCP.
Also, individuals can connect to data on the cloud and application software using the terminals they have on hand, so that they can use the same data and software even when in different places with different terminals. It can also be utilized as a source for backups and transmission and sharing of large files.

We create "new value"
in all manner of scenarios utilizing clouds

  • 無駄のないランニングコストを実現

    Realize running costs with no waste

    Traditional servers required significant cost investment, but because the only cost needed the resource use, cost reductions are expected.
    Furthermore, resources can be increased as needed, eliminating the need to predict maximum infrastructure capacity.

  • オムニチャネルでショッピングを便利に

    For shipping using omni-channels

    Products and services can be used anywhere and anytime you want.
    Ordering and purchasing of products can be done from shops, mail-order sites, or anywhere else, and products which are sold out at local shops can be sent away for.

strives to achieve a cloud society

In order to realize cloud computing, a variety of component technologies are necessary such as virtualization technology, distributed processing technology, high-volume database technology, web application technology, user authentication technology, and security technology.
At NTT DATA MSE we are engaged in technologies to realize cloud computing.


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