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The fusion of communications and broadcasting continues

With the proliferation of the internet and the digitization of broadcasting infrastructures, the environment surrounding the fields of communications and broadcasting have changed drastically such as the appearance of services which fuse communications and broadcasting, and there is a demand for further enriched services.
The utilization of IT creates new value in the fields of communications and broadcasting.

By utilizing IT, we can expect services in the fields of communications and broadcasting to expand.

Viewing TV programs using smart phones and tablets and watching a variety of video contents when you want to, called On Demand, and services such as automatic delivery of local information and disaster information have been realized through the fusion of communications and broadcasting.

We create "new value"
in the fields of communications and broadcasting

  • つながる安心

    Peace of mind to connect

    From family home security to building entry control, we realize advanced and reassuring security by connecting security cameras, security sensors, card readers, etc.
    Furthermore, combining compact position data sensors and wearable sensors that detect heart rate, body heat, etc., allows for the provision of new security and convenience such as monitoring services for children and the elderly.

  • 新たな放送のかたち

    The new shape of broadcast

    Connecting to the Internet enables viewing contents as you please, even broadcasts overseas, creating a broader world where anyone can enjoy a variety of contents anytime and anywhere.
    Also, hybrid-cast, which fuses communications and broadcasting, promotes participation by many existing web developers, meaning that we can expect an increase in high quality content in a short time.

strives for further development in the fields of communications and broadcasting

In addition to stability, in the fields of communications and broadcasting real-time capability and anonymity are also in demand depending on the conditions.
At NTT DATA MSE, we are engaged in technology relating to communications and broadcasting such as Wi-Fi multicasting and base transceiver station equipment controls.


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