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Optimization of construction and industrial machinery

Acquiring the operation status and condition of construction equipment and industrial machinery to manage and understand the operation condition is an important point in improving production and optimizing work.
In order to achieve these optimizations, utilization of IT plays a vital role in the fields of retail and logistics.

Further development is expected in the field of construction and industrial machines through the utilization of IT.

By combining various sensors and positioning information it will be possible to acquire a great deal of information from construction and industrial machinery.
By maximally utilizing this information we can expect optimization in construction and industrial machinery.

We create "new value"
in the fields of construction and industrial machinery

  • エンターテイメント性の向上

    Visualization of operating status

    By utilizing IT such as construction machinery, ships, and farming equipment we can visualize the operating status and condition of vehicles.
    Furthermore, acquiring and managing position data of construction machinery achieves optimization of operation.

  • 新しい学習スタイルの確立

    Reliability, availability, serviceability, and safety to support IT

    By collecting information on operating conditions it is possible to grasp the maintenance and parts replacement timing for various equipment in advance, enabling the prevention of trouble with the machinery and vehicles.

contributes to the further development of construction and industrial machines

NTT DATA MSE is engaged in technologies that are applicable in the field of construction and industrial machinery such as indoor positioning utilizing Bluetooth to grasp the positions of people and things inside factories, etc.


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