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Responding to environmental issues

Today, as environmental issues such as global warming and lack of resources deepen, there is a demand for a system to efficiently utilize limited resources and energy without waste, and an energy shift.
Utilization of IT optimizes activities in a variety of places such as homes, offices, stores, and factories and can be expected to lead to resolution of environmental issues.

We can expect contributions to solving environmental and energy issues through IT.

Offices going paperless, use of teleconferencing, maximization of energy savings through air conditioning control, etc. can be realized by utilizing IT.
Utilizing IT is expected to lead to solutions for environmental and energy issues.

We create "new value"
in the fields of the environment and energy

  • 省エネ・節電を実現

    Realize conservation of energy and electricity

    By visualizing the electricity used, it is possible to confirm power demand and peak use volumes.
    This will enable efficient energy and electricity saving measures such as peak cuts and peak shifts.

  • 家庭をつなぐスマートグリッド

    Smart grids connecting families

    Installing smart meters achieves smart grids which can flexibly conduct the supply and provision of electricity.
    It will enable business expansion with a grasp of the future of energy.

contributes to further development in the field of the environment and energy

NTT DATA MSE is engaged in technologies to contribute to development in the field of the environment and energy.
Development of applications such as "RadiBorg", a radiation volume display monitoring system using wearable terminals is an example given.


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