Embedded Linux performance verification

Embedded Linux is installed in a variety of embedded systems such as smart phones, car navigation, network devices, FA devices, and medical equipment.
Unlike general Linux on servers, etc., Embedded Linux needs to be optimized for resource management and installed devices. High real-time function is also demanded.

Our company possesses a variety of technologies and systems to improve responsiveness at the Linux kernel level.

  • Detailed report on embedded Linux function measurement results

    Utilizing our company's proprietary Embedded Linux function profile tools, we are able to check at arbitrary trace points and measure the CPU usage state.

  • Report on the causes of bottlenecks

    By comparing with Embedded Linux performance degradation cause patterns (case examples at our company in the past) and analyzing the measurement results, we can create a list of bottleneck locations.

  • Establish the optimum Kernel for target devices
  • Design considering the process scheduling of Linux
  • Faster Linux start-up
  • Log analysis, debug methods
  • Automation of integration
  • Large-scale development process


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