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Development of medical treatment and increase in health awareness

The medical and health environment surrounding, such as the aging of society, advancements in medical technology, the rise in health awareness in recent years called the health craze, etc., is changing day by day.
IT utilization is playing an important role in the medical/healthcare industry, such as electric medical charts in medical institutions, remote treatment systems connecting medical facilities with patients, and wearable terminals for consumers to maintain health.

Further development is expected in the field of medicine and healthcare through the utilization of IT.

Medical treatment is a world which deals in "massive amounts of information" such as patient complaints and examination results.
Devices used to maintain health such as scales, thermometers, and pedometers, etc. which support walking and other exercise give meaning to information by accumulating day to day data.
By maximally utilizing this information, further development in the field of medicine and health care are expected.

We create "new value"
in the fields of medicine and healthcare

  • つながるヘルスケア

    Connected healthcare

    By connecting the medical equipment at home with hospitals, pharmacies, etc., it becomes possible to share personal health data with hospitals and pharmacies, which is useful in day-to-day health management.

  • ひとりひとりに合った細やかな診断

    Detailed diagnosis to fit each individual's needs

    Health information in everyday life is being shared more and more, enabling detailed diagnostics to meet the heath conditions of each individual when conducting diagnosis at hospitals.

contributes to further development in the field of medicine and health care

NTT DATA MSE is engaged in technologies to contribute to development in the field of medicine and health care.
Practical examples of this company's technology include the development of heath platforms and women’s health care apps.


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