- Viewing smartphone contents on a wide screen TV
- Displaying smartphone contents onto in-vehicle information system

Supporting the construction of built-in Miracast functions, and control systems for in-vehicle devices and consumer electronics

We offer total support, from the Miracast control library developed by our company, to architecture design that takes both cost and performance into account, system development, and evaluation.

Miracast software configuration diagram


  • Miracast control library which support UIBC
  • Miracast control architecture design using OSS
  • Development of Miracast over multiple platforms

Realize Miracast functionality on Tizen IVI

Our company supports the development and integration of Miracast functionality into the "TIZEN IVI" platform for in-vehicle information systems.


  • Developing in-vehicle information systems and smartphone integration on TIZEN IVI.
  • Reduce video transmission times.
  • Supporting UIBC. Realize to operate smartphones from the in-vehicle information system.
  • Implementing HTML5 apps with multi-platform support.


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