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The world market of cellular phones as it continues to expand

The adoption rate of cellular phones including smart phones has exceeded 100% in proportion to the world population, meaning there is not only 1 device per person, but it is not rare for people to own multiple devices. And this adoption rate is predicted to continue to grow as well.
"What is possible" with mobiles is becoming broader due to the development and increased functionality from traditional feature phones toward smart phones and tablets. Understanding the characteristics of terminals and utilizing them leads to the creation of new value.

Utilizing mobiles as key devices in cloud computing enables the more comfortable use of services.

Mobiles are an important factor in the realization of cloud computing, and from the viewpoint of users a means to access the cloud.
Utilizing smart phones and tablets enables more comfortable use of cloud services.

We create "new value"
in all manner of scenarios utilizing mobiles

strives for the development of mobiles into weapons for abundant developmental achievements

NTT DATA MSE has been working on the development of cellular phone software since before the appearance of iMode (by NTT Doocomo).
Using the knowledge and technical ability in mobile terminals which we have cultivated over many years, we still exhibit competitive power in the cloud era.


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