Comprehensive support for secure and reassuring use in smartphone and tablet operations.

Achieve sure operability and precision management functions. A "truly usable MDM for corporations" from NTT Data Group.

Information leak countermeasures in the event of loss or theft

  • Password security level indication
  • Remote lock and local lock
  • Remote deletion

Terminal information collection

  • Terminal status collection
  • Installed app information collection
  • Current location aquisition

Unauthorized use prevention

  • Device usage restrictions
  • App usage restrictions
  • Disabled agent detection and notification

Administrator support

  • Centralized terminal support
  • Recommended policies and batch setting
  • Regular reports and emergency alerts
  • Feature 1. Local lock function

    Terminal is locked automatically when left outside communications range for a specific amount of time or when the SIM card is removed.

  • Feature 2. Dynamic terminal policy management

    Usage authorization for applications and devices (Wifi, SD cards, etc.) used by users can be controlled dynamically based on specific days of the week, times, and locations.

  • Feature 3. Focus on layered terminal management, intuitive terminal command operations, and other conveniences.

    We focus on user convenience in the form of administrator screen that enable hierarchal terminal management to match organization structures, displaying management status for terminal applications, and other features enable us to create a "truly functional MDM."

Android 2.3 or later / 3.X / 4.X / 5.X / 6.X
iOS 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
 Note:Due to some models or the OS dependent functions and restrictions, so please contact us for details.


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