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On-board functions of advancing products

Products such as mobile terminals, information appliances, multi-function machines, and medical equipment. As technology advances, the functions installed in these products also advance.
In order to realize these advanced technologies, strong technical ability is required.

The advancement/development of products leads to further convenience and comfort in our lives.

For example, mobile terminals are a vital element in constructing clouds, and from the point of view of users serve as an entryway for accessing clouds.
Smart phones and tablets especially require access to a network for mobile communications, and utilizing them as key parts of the cloud enables more pleasant use of services.

We create "new value"
by realizing advanced products

strives to create products with value

At NTT DATA MSE's products and services division, we provide support for the development of software for mobile terminals, information appliances, multi-function machines, medical equipment, etc.
Armed with the advanced technological capability of Embedded Linux which we cultivated over many years.


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