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Diversified sensor devices

A Trillion Sensors society, where society consumes and utilizes a large volume of 1 trillion sensors per year, is said to be achieved in the near future.
Through the spread of the IoT, which connects all things to the Internet, sensor devices installed into all kinds of things around us are becoming more diversified.
While the number of sensors installed in a single product is increasing, new miniature sensors which can measure events which could not be measured before have also appeared.
Utilizing information which can be obtained from sensors creates new value.

Utilizing information which can be obtained from sensors leads to enriched lifestyles.

There are a variety of types of sensors.
Even looking at the smartphones we use every day as an example, they are installed with inductive, geomagnetic (direction), angular velocity/acceleration, proximity, fingerprint authentication, light, pressure and other measurement sensors.
Utilizing the information from these sensors will realize more convenient lives.

We create "new value"
in all manner of scenarios utilizing sensors

contributes to the realization of a Trillion Sensors society

Because sensor devices have become diversified, it is necessary to construct systems with an understanding of the characteristics of sensors.
At NTT DATA MSE we are engaged in technology utilizing a variety of sensors.


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