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Vitalization of communications via social services

Social services are spreading rapidly, creating a society where anyone can send and receive information extensively.
By promoting and supporting connections between people and people, new communities are formed, creating closer human relationships.
Due to the proactive transmission of information vitalization of in-house communication, social services are also permeating within the company.

Utilizing social services leads to the creation of new value.

Social services are utilized as a means to visualize the true intentions and thoughts of individuals due to the easy of transmitting and collecting the information.
Between individuals and in organizations we can expect it to play the role of a facilitator of vitalized communications and have the effect of prompting the consolidation of opinions and information sharing.

We engage in social utilization and create "new value"
in all manner of scenarios

  • More prompt and accurate understanding of consumer needs

    More prompt and accurate understanding of consumer needs

    In the compiling of consumer needs, formats such as paper questionnaires were mainstream, but social utilization has made it easy to acquire massive samples.
    Furthermore, as a marketing tool to obtain the real voices and characteristics of the consumers, it can also conduct advanced analysis of product value as well as sales promotions.

  • 社内ソーシャル活用による情報共有

    Information sharing through the utilization of in-house social utilization

    Instead of traditional e-mail contact and periodic reports, in-house social utilization enables the sharing of information beyond organizational and hierarchical walls.

striving for the formation of a new information-sharing society

In order to achieve social services, a variety of elemental technology is required such as telecommunications technology, information analysis technology, mobile application technology, and Web application technology.
At NTT DATA MSE, we are engaged in technologies to realize social services.


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