Vending machine sales management system

Putting vending machines online enables more efficient inventory control and product resupply operations, and helps you plan effective product sales strategies.
We provide a solution to make vending machine management and product resupply operations more efficient for companies that sell products in vending machines (such as drink makers, vending machine operators, and food manufacturers), and location owners who permit the installation of vending machines (such as real-estate companies, building operators, hospitals, airports, and train stations).

This system installs wireless communications devices in vending machines to collect locally stored sales data in the cloud.

1. Regular measurement

  • Sales data from all vending machines is collected regularly (such as once per day) for management by the vending machine management system.
  • Customers can leverage the latest vending machine data to consider their next product sales strategy.

2. Instant measurement

  • It is possible to check data from specific vending machines at any moment.
  • Customers can check the current inventory of specific vending machines immediately before resupplying to optimize resupply work.

3. Alert notifications

  • Malfunctions in vending machines, or products going out of stock, can be detected to notify the customer by email.
  • This enables customers to limit sales opportunity losses to the minimum.

Implementation objective and issues prior to implementation

The customer had been conducting product replenishment and product replacement of vending machines by hand and was unable to ascertain the status of sales in real time. This resulted in the loss of sales opportunities and led to increased personnel expenses due to poor efficiency in refilling machines.

Implemented system

Benefits of implementation

  • Expected to achieve inventory optimization
  • ・reduction of surplus inventory

  • Distribution Efficiency
  • ・reduction of personnel and product travel distances

  • Expanded Sales
  • ・reduction of lost sales opportunities
    ・distribution of popular products


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