Quality management

Quality management

NTT Data MSE works to provide high-quality solutions that satisfy our customers while also working to establish development standards and improve processes.

  • Establishment of development standards

    NTT Data MSE sees the provision of solutions that please our customers as the goal of all our activities. Based on our ISO15504 certification, we define each individual development activity as a process in order to assure the satisfaction of our customers by working night and day to establish development standards that ensure the stabilization of our development processes.

    Establishment of development standards
  • Process improvement

    All activities of the organization exist for the purpose of creating solutions that we provide to our customers. Changes that occur within customers and within the social environment require that our processes constantly change. We also possess the universal corporate mind that change is required in order to achieve constant improvements to quality. While maintaining the balance between these concepts, we work continuously to improve our processes. As part of our efforts to provide a sense of security to our customers, we will continue with activities aimed certifications based on evaluations by external organizations (1996/ISO9001 [Cloud Solutions Business Division, Mobile Platform Business Division, CMM Level 3).

Environmental conservation activities

Environmental conservation activities

  • About our environmental commitment

    Today, the world is facing a major shift toward global environmental conservation and how a corporation approaches environmental issues has become a major factor in how the value of a corporation is evaluated.
    As members of the NTT Data Group, every employee at NTT Data MSE maintains a solid awareness of the company's role towards and the importance of global environmental conservation. Through our software development, we work to promote energy and resource conservation in all business segments as we look to contribute to the realization of a recycling-based society and coexistence with the global environment.

  • ISO14001

    As a framework for promoting environment conservation activities, we established an environment management system. And in September 2002, we obtained certification.

    *ISO14001: Environment management system standards defined by the ISO (International Standards Organization) aimed at the continuous reduction of environmental burden.

  • Environmental conservation activities

    1. (1) Conduct activities within our main business that contribute to environmental conservation.
    2. (2) Efficient use of electricity in order to prevent global warming.
    3. (3) Reduce paper usage in order to protect forest resources.
  • Enlightenment activities

    Our company promotes company-wide environmental activities and works toward the continued improvement of environmental performance. We proactively conduct informational and enlightenment activities to increase awareness among employees regarding the importance of the environment and work to create a corporate culture in which all employees work together toward environmental policies.
    Newly hired and mid-career recruits receive environmental education as a part of their employment training and each individual work site uses workplace reviews and meetings as an opportunity to conduct education about general environmental activities as well as training on how to separate waste to be discarded.
    Furthermore, as a part of community environmental conservation activities, we regularly partake in road-side cleaning activities.

Information security

Information security

The NTT Data Group achieves promotes group-wide secure knowledge distribution based on the establishment of both "ensuring information security" and "the proactive utilization and sharing of information." The Group also works to establish information security governance.

  • Information security

    Our company embraces these fundamental management guidelines as we strive to earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers through by providing superior technology, products, and services.

    1. 1.Information Security Structure
      In each organization, an information security responsibility system is established and appropriate management is achieved through the establishment and implementation of specific regulations.
    2. 2.Information Asset Management
      The handling of information is clarified and managed appropriately based on importance and risk level to ensure information security.
      With the three elements of confidentiality, veracity, and availability, we prioritize confidentiality based on the fact that we handle information from both customers and suppliers.
    3. 3.Education and training
      We continuously conduct education and training concerning information security for all executives and employees, and work toward increased awareness and the enforcement of information security regulations. Persons in violation of regulations are dealt with severely, including the possibility of termination.
    4. 4.Products and services that provide a piece of mind
      We give due consideration to the information security of our customers and work to provide products and services that our customers can feel comfortable using.
    5. 5.Legal compliance and continued improvements
      In addition to compliance with relevant laws and other regulations, we work toward continued improvements to information security to match changes in the business environment.

    June 15, 2018
    CISO Tetsuya Okano

  • ISO27001

    On January 15, 2010, our company obtained ISO27001 certification, the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Moving forward, we will continue to position information security as one of our core management strategies and work toward the continued improvement of our information security.

    About certification acquisition

    • Certification registration date:January 15, 2010
    • Certified standard:ISO/IEC 27001:2005/ JIS Q 27001:2006
    • Certification No. :3542011
    • Certifying body:Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.   http://www.bureauveritas.jp/
Compliance efforts

Compliance efforts

  • Through our daily corporate activities, we work to build trust-based relationships with society.

    Compliance initiatives at NTT Data MSE
    CRO Tetsuya Okano

    As a member of the NTT Data Group, our company strives to be a corporation that is trusted by society.
    In addition to our corporate code of ethics, our initiatives to achieve our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and basic principles for legal compliance are based on regulations outlined for the entire NTT Data Group.
    Through the daily corporate activities of each employee, we work to build trust-based relationships with society.

  • NTT Group Code of Ethics

    In order to achieve indefinite growth as a corporation, the trust of our customers, shareholders, transaction partners, and from society is vital. A company can earn trust by maintaining an awareness of CSR (corporate social responsibility) while working to increase the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.
    The NTT Data Group is a corporate group that uses information technology to create "frameworks" and "value" while embracing its social mission to achieve an enriched and balanced society.
    Based on this awareness, the NTT Data Group believes that it is possible to earn trust, the most valuable of all corporate assets, by maintaining strict compliance with laws and contracts, conducting socially responsible actions, and by practicing fair and transparent business activities.
    In light of the above, the NTT Data Group acts in accordance with our "Fundamental Stance Concerning Corporate Ethics" and puts forth every effort toward being a trusted corporate group.

  • Fundamental Stance Concerning Corporate Ethics

    • Principles

      Strive to be a trusted corporate group.

    • For customers

      Provide high-quality services.

    • To our shareholders

      Conduct transparent management.

    • Against competitors

      Conduct fair and free competition.

    • To contractors

      Conduct transactions on equal standing.

    • To government organizations

      Maintain healthy relationships.

    • To society

      Fulfill our responsibilities as a positive corporate citizen.

    • For the environment

      Promote environmentally-conscious business activities.

    • For employees and collaborators

      Respect individual traits and personalities.


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