Automotive Linux Summit 2016 Showcase

NTT DATA MSE has implemented connectivity functionality (Miracast) onto IVI platform provided by Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), which is workgroup of Linux Foundation ( and realized the demonstration environment work on Renesas Electronics' R-Car M2 Application Development Board. The R-Car M2 system-on-chip (SoC) supports high-definition navigation, real-time voice control and other advanced features to provide enhanced connected user experiences within the car.
This environment will be showcased as "Realization of connectivity functions(Miracast) onto AGL" at NTT DATA MSE's booth during the Automotive Linux Summit 2016 (ALS 2016) to be held at Chinzan-so Conference Center in Tokyo, Japan starting on July 13th, 2016.

Also Hiroto Imamura, who belongs to Platform Strategy Office, will have the presentation session, "'Really' Useful Solutions in Embedded Linux/OSS-based IVI System Development". In this presentation, we will introduce business solutions which can apply to both of mobile device and in-car device, and which had learned through recent in-car device development.
If you will be visiting ALS 2016, please be sure to stop by.

Event Information
Time        July 13th (Wed.) through July 14th, 2016
Location   Chinzan-so Conference Center, Tokyo, Japan
URL         Linux Foundation
               Automotive Linux Summit Official Website
Title  Realization of connectivity functions(Miracast) onto AGL

Mirror smart phone's screen to display via R-Car M2 Application Development Board using Miracast functionality, and replay contents stored in smart phone and stream them to display and speakers.


Figure.Overview of "Realization of connectivity functions(Miracast) onto AGL"

Session Information
Time          July 13th, 2016 16:00 - 16:40
Presenter   Hiroto Imamura
                 Platform Strategy Office, Platform Strategy Team
「"Really" useful solutions in embedded Linux/OSS-based IVI system development」

NTT DATA MSE has a lot of experience of Linux-based embedded system development for mobile devices, and will introduce both case examples of skill/know-how utilization in IVI development and learned through recent in-car device development.

NTT DATA MSE will contribute to drive AGL commercialization forward through function extension or customization of IVI platform.

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