Automotive Grade Linux™ showcase at CES2020


NTT DATA MSE Corporation has collaborated with NTT Media Intelligence Laboratory to implemented Voice Agent system on a Connected Car platform "AGL Unified Code Base™" provided by Automotive Grade Linux (: AGL™), which is workgroup of The Linux Foundation ( and realized the demonstration work on Renesas Electronics' R-Car H3 Application Development Board.

This demonstration had been showcased as "Hybrid Voice Agent Service based on AGL" at NTT DATA MSE's booth in AGL showcase at CES2020.

Event Summary
EventAGL showcase at CES2020
PromoterThe Linux Foundation
DateJan. 7th - Jan. 10th, 2020
LocationWestgate Pavilion (Las Vegas, U.S.A.)
SummaryDemonstration showcased by AGL members at CES satellite (Westgate Pavilion)
Exhibitors18 companies


"Hybrid Voice Agent Service based on AGL"

This demo system showcased the concept of voice recognition system for in-car use case such as in insensitive area or non-network area like a tunnel, by utilizing "corevo®" which is AI technology of NTT Group, and "hybrid voice recognition system" that proceeds input voice data on both of edge (in-car device) side and cloud side.

This system also has high performance noise reduction system, "Intelligent Microphone Technology" and realized to remove in-car noise, detect the direction of speaker.


3.Comments from the visitors

Many visitors had come to our demonstration booth.

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We have received a lot of valuable comments and feedbacks from our visitors, not only the people who engage in the automotive industry.
We would like to share some of those comments as follows;

  • Does this system already released in the market?
  • It is wonderful to be aware of in-car use case such as in insensitive area, which is different from other major agent services using voice recognition/synthesis technology.
  • It is very interesting and new to take this kind of approach to resolve the problem from mobility point of view.
  • More discussion is necessary, how far the voice recognition should be used to control the car.
  • I would like to refer to the separation of processing on the edge side and the cloud side.

In this activity, NTT DATA MSE had built the demo system to appeal the possibility of voice recognition system for connected car/autonomous driving with NTT Group's platform technology and embedded software implementation capability of NTT DATA MSE, and we could exchange the opinions with many visitors. As a result, we could understand the necessity of voice recognition/synthesis system and the expectation to our company from the market. NTT DATA MSE will keep this activity to contribute to "connected society", based on received feedback.

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