Miracast on TIZEN

NTT DATA MSE has developed "Miracast on TIZEN", the linkage between in-vehicle device and smart phone. (Tizen IVI version is 3.0 and Tizen mobile version is 2.2)

This system is realized by following technologies;
- Radio technology "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast"
- UIBC (User Interface Back Channel)

With this combination of technologies, user can operate applications in both way, from in-vehicle device(Touch panel monitor) and smartphone.

This system can dramatically enhance the user experience for driver and the passenger.

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Another Solution

LTE Broadcast solution (eMBMS)

NTT DATA MSE totally contributes to customer’s business in LTE Broadcast (eMBMS) service by offering solution on both server side (BM-SC) and client side (Middleware).

DLNA solution with DTCP-IP/DTCP+

Previously, the connection range of DCTP-IP was limited to home network use only. However,
if you use a device that supports remote access to DTCP+,
connection via the internet is now possible.
NTT DATA MSE is a complete software solution provider.

Solution and Service for wearable devices

NTT DATA MSE can offer total solutions and support service to develop wearable devices (incl. NUI), and cloud service for wearable devices.

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NTT DATA MSE CORPORATION is one of major embeded software development company in NTT DATA Group, which is the largest IT innovation company in Japan.

The company was originally established in 1979, as first system development company for mobile device, wireless base station,

and information home appliance in Panasonic Group.

On October 1st 2008, we had joined in NTT DATA Group by capital and business aliance between NTT DATA CORPORATION and Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.

From April 1st 2013, main shareholders are changed to NTT DATA CORPORATION and Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.

We have strived to provide new solutions of familiar products and services in people's lives with our IT technology, under the slogan of "Consumer IT Innovator."

Cloud computing, smart phones and globalization are becoming trends in the world of IT, so we oriented to realize "Smart Life CommunityR", and have adopted it as our new corporate vision. We suggest prosperous and safe lifestyle made by connecting various things easily.

We create new value, fusing the experience of embedded technology, such as mobile, information appliance and automotive service,

the experience gained in building platforms, networks and social infrastructure to provide these services, and the cloud service, which is the strength of NTT DATA Group. And we try to realize "Smart Life CommunityR" in a global perspective.


NTT DATA MSE has great experience and achievement of the Tizen focused on the mobile and in-vehicle infotainment system.NTT DATA MSE contributes to Tizen promotion along with the Tizen Association.